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Funeral arrangements are never easy things to prepare for and are often hard to even talk about. This challenging but necessary task is even harder in the present circumstances, brought about by the coronavirus and the important adjustments we are all having to make. As always, a Church of England funeral is available to everyone, giving support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed.

In many ways it has become easier to speak to local vicars, priests and ministers and we want to assure people that a Church of England funeral remains available to all, at the Crematorium or graveside.

Despite limited numbers at funeral, we are always here to help through life’s most difficult time, and to help plan the service you want, reflecting the life of your loved one, celebrating her or him as they and you would wish.

Naturally there are rules and regulations all celebrants have to stick to, and some of these are changing in these difficult times. But we are committed to being as flexible as we can and above all providing people with the support they need.

For information and prayers to help if you are unable to attend a funeral, please click here. We are also glad to arrange with you a suitable memorial service at St Laurence Church once this crisis is over. There would not be a fee for the minister or the use of the building.

Please contact our funeral coordinator, Martin Newman, on 01702 545790 or email: if you have any funeral enquiry