St Laurence For Kids
At    St    Laurence,    we    want    to    encourage    everyone    to    develop their   relationship   with   Jesus.   As   well   as   our   children’s   services, we    work    closely    with    Heycroft,    Kingsdown    and    Eastwood primary   schools   within   our   local   community.   Throughout   the year,   we   also   run   ‘Honeybees’,   Messy   Church   and   our   Bible based Holiday clubs. ‘Honeybees’ ‘Honeybees’   is   our   popular   baby   and   toddler   group   that   runs every    Monday    during    term    time    between    1-2.30pm    in    our church   hall.   All   are   welcome,   just   pop   along   or   if   you   would   like to know more information please email us at Messy Church   Next   Messy   Church   is   Saturday   24th   March   between   2-4pm   in the    church    hall.    This    is    a    great    opportunity    for    kids    to    play games   and   take   part   in   lots   of   craft   activities.   Refreshments   are available. Dates for 2018 Messy Church Saturday 24th March Saturday 26th May Saturday 14th July Saturday 22nd September Saturday 10th November Saturday 1st December Holiday Clubs Last   years   holiday   club   ‘Incredible   G’   was   a   great   success   and everyone   really   enjoyed   the   week.   Next   years   dates   for   holiday club are to be confirmed.