Life Events
St    Laurence    has    been    part    of    the    community    of Eastwood    for    almost    1000    years.    In    that    time    the church   has   been   an   integral   part   of   day   to   day   life. And    even    though    we    live    in    the    time    of    many changes,   we   at   St   Laurence   feel   that   God   is   still   very much at the heart of our community. Therefore,    as    church    we    want    to    be    there    for    all people at both the joyful and difficult times of life. Baptisms We   recognise   that   through   baptism   we   are   all   drawn together     into     the     community     of     God.     Baptism services   are   held   on   the   first   Sunday   of   the   month   at our 10.30am service. Weddings A    special    day    when    two    people    make    life    long promises   to   one   another   before   God.   This   is   a   joyful occasion    and    an    opportunity    to    share    with    family and   friends   the   greatest   gift   that   God   gives   to   us- LOVE. Funerals Funerals   are   the   saddest   time   in   our   lives,   where   the church     offers     practical     and     pastoral     support     in aranging    the    funeral.    We    recognise    that    in    grief, there   is   also   an   opportunity   to   celebrate   life   in   all   its fullness. These    rites    of    passage    are    fundamental    to    the Christian   faith   upholding   our   belief   in   God.   If   we   can help or support in anyway please contact us.