St Laurence and All Saints Eastwood
St   Laurence   and   All   Saints   Church   serves   the   Parish   of   Eastwood   and plays   a   large   role   within   the   local   community.   We   are   an   Anglican church   within   the   diocese   of   Chelmsford,   offering   a   mix   of   traditional and   contemporary   worship.   Our   mission   is   to   continue   the   work   of Jesus Christ and share His story with future generations. Whether   you   are   looking   to   join   us   for   worship,   attending   an   event   or simply   wanting   to   visit   our   tranquil   church,   may   I   offer   a   very   warm welcome to you. Rev. Steve Spencer Services at St Laurence 9.00am Traditional BCP Communion 10.30am Family Communion Service 6pm Evening Service (1st Sunday of every month) 9.15am Midweek Holy Communion (3rd Thursday of every month)