The   earliest   known   record   of   St   Laurence’s   is   in   1100   A.D when   Robert   of   Essex,   the   founder   of   Prittlewell   Priory, granted   to   the   priory   the   church   of   Eastwood   and   Sutton, although   we   do   know   the   church   is   much   older   than   that. Eastwood   is   mentioned   in   the   Doomsday   Book   of   1086. Through   the   centuries,   Eastwood   has   developed   from   a woodland   to   an   agricultural   parish   and   finally   to   the   town we   know   today.   During   the   13th-16th   centuries   Eastwood was used for hunting by several English kings. The   development   of   the   church   spans   many   centuries.   The nave   is   thought   to   be   the   original   Norman   church,   it   dates from   the   12th   century.   The   south   aisle   was   added   in   the 13th   century   and   the   north   aisle   in   the   14th.   The   chancel   is 13th   century   with   a   14th   century   roof.   The   nave   roof   is 15th    century.    The    brick    south    porch    is    Tudor    and    was added in the 16th century. In   the   1870s   there   was   extensive   refurbishment   within   the church   when   it   was   restored   by   William   White.   The   broach spire    was    restored    in    the    late    20th    century.    Today,    St Laurence is protected as a Grade 1 listed building.