St. Laurence & All Saints, Eastwood

The coming together of 1000 years of history with the demands of the future to allow worship for both the congregation and the parish of Eastwood.



Revd Steve Spencer - Vicar of St Laurence & All Saints.

Steve joined St Laurence in September 2011

Revd Steve Spencer (Day off Friday)
Tel: 01702 525272

Judith Wilk

Judith Wilkinson.

Judith is part of the family service team.

Martin Newman - Church Warden.

Tel 01702 545790

Judith Wise
Judith Wiseman - Church Warden & Livingway Editor

Judith Wiseman
Tel: 01702 523941


Danny Keech - Treasurer.

I was a deputy church warden for many years. Currently I am a Deanery Synod Representative and in March 2013 I took on the role of church warden.

Tel: 01702 528481


Roland Stanley - Hall Manager

In Christian Service at St. Laurence and All Saints Church for approximately 30 years, resident in the parish with wife Julia. Currently Deputy Church Warden, Hall Manager, member of the Finance Team,  help with Fund Raising and Bell Ringer

Tel: 01702529627


Veronica Newman - PCC Secretary.

Veronica has been PCC secretary for the last three years and also attempts to keep the web and church calendars up to date


Amanda Keech - Parish Safeguarding Representative.

I am the Parish Safeguarding Representative, with responsibility for young people and vulnerable adults of all ages.


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